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Stop the Anger

Court Ordered Anger Management Classes
S.A.S.S offers different options for individuals mandated to an Anger Management program by the courts, probation, attorney, or your employer.
*It is the client's responsibility to know what is acceptable to fulfill their requirements* 
S.A.S.S provides the following Anger Management classes
(please call for payment schedule)
Anger Management Assessment: Assessments are conducted on every Anger Management participant. $50-$100. Please call for an appointment (walk-in's are not allowed).
Anger Management Workbook:  All participants are required to purchase an Anger Management workbook in order to participate in class $15.
Weekly Anger Management Classes: Held weekly call for availability.   (12wk. $300, 16wk. $400, 26wk. $650, 52wk. (Call for rate). Hourly mandated $25 per class
Individual Private AM/Life Coaching Sessions: Daily Mon.-Fri. 9:00am - 8:00pm
(appointments only) $50. 
Individual Private Anger Management Sessions 8-12 Hour:  This is a accelerated program for individuals that want to avoid a group setting. (8 hour $350, 12 hour $550) *note 12 hour will be split into 2 consecutive days.
Saturday Class (8 Hours) Mandated Only : This is a one day group class for hourly mandated individuals only. Complete your 8 hour requirement in one day. $200 ($25 per hour). Saturday classes fills up fast so schedule yours today!  

FAQ For Anger Management Classes
              ​Q. My partner/friend would like to attend anger management classes with me.                                Can s/he come to the anger management intake appointment with me.?​​              
               A. Partners and family members cannot be in the same anger management class                            together. There are many reasons for this policy. Your partner may, however, attend                    other anger management classes through our program. We currently offer 12- 13                        anger management classes weekly, so there are many options available.
               Q. Do you accept insurance for the anger management program?
               A. No. Insurance does not cover psycho-educational classes such as anger                                      management since it is not therapy.
               Q. How many anger management classses do I need to take if I'm coming                                         voluntarily?
               A. During the anger management registration process, an assessment will be taken                         to assess your anger management needs. A clinical overview will be given to rule                       out any clinical concerns that may contribute to the anger. Based on the                                       assessment, the anger management intake counselor will suggest the total                                 number of classes recommended.
                Q. How many participants are in each anger management group class?
                A. Our anger management group classes consists of 3-20 participants in each group                      unless you decide to take an individual class.
                Q. Do I need my court papers in order to enroll in your anger management program?
                A. Yes, we recommend that you bring your court papers if you are interested in                                receiving a progress report for the courts. No, you do not need to bring your court                      papers to enroll in our anger management program, however, it is helpful for the                        anger management counselor to review and confirm that you are in the correct                          program. If you need progress reports for the court you must bring your papers.
                Q. Is it required that i purchase the anger management workbook to be enrolled in                          the anger management program?
                A. Yes, you will be required to purchase the anger management workbook. The book                      provides beneficial anger management techniques and tools to succesfully                                  manage your anger.
                Q. Can your anger management program provide my attorney with any information                          as needed?
                A. Our anger management facilitators can only release information if we have a                                signed consent drom the client authorizing us to do so.
                Q. What form of payment is accepted in your anger management program?
                A. S.A.S.S accepts all major Credit Cards, or Money Orders only.  
                    (NO CASH ACCEPTED)
                Q. Do I have to pay for anger management classes in advance?
                A. Yes, we recommend that at least 50% is paid prior to the first day of class. 
                Q. Is there any penality for coming in late to anger management class?
                A. Court ordered anger management clients are only allowed to attend class if they                        arrive no more than 15 minutes late. If a participant misses more than 15 minutes,                        the session will not count for the courts.  
                Q. Will I receive a certificate once i have completed my anger management                                      sessions?
                A. Yes. Once anger management classes are completed you will receive a progress                        report for the courts to show your completion of the anger management                                      program.       

Group Sessions:
Call for next scheduled Group Session
Individual Sessions (by appt.)
Saturday (8hour) Mandated Clients Only

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